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Our Philosophy

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Objective: “Serve the people with art” by “serving the people’s art”

Mission: Inherit, enhance and spread values of art

In professional markets, inherit excellent art and culture and enhance their values;

In public markets, spread values of art and culture and bring beauty of art to people’s daily life.

Inherit values of art: Promote inheritance of values of art by means of integrated applications of various technologies;

Enhance values of art: Promote fulfillment of values of art by providing professional services for artwork markets;

Spread values of art: Popularize art knowledge, spread values of art and help the general public enjoy beauty of art by means of innovative art products and experience.

Vision: Be an outstanding integrated art service institution

In B2B and B2C markets, provide art clients with professional and high-quality integrated art services.

Artron integrates technology with art, builds products and services covering the whole art industry chain by tremendous strength in art data acquisition, processing, storage, management and application, and has become an outstanding integrated art service institution in the world.


Brand slogan: Convey the Beauty of Art

Inherit, convey and spread beauty of art

[ Beauty of art ],Profound and boundless.

[Convey the beauty of art  ],We are responsible to nourish our mind and favor the society with art.


Values: Quality the highest; move the clients; focus on achievements; employees feel happy; love art; bold to make innovations; respect science; social responsibility.

Employees’ code of conduct: Assume responsibilities; keep promises; vigorous; follow disciplines; upright and passionate; unified.