Photography Industry

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When a photopraphy has been made, the photographer would have needs of communication, exhibition, collection and transaction. How to present the charm of photography, such as the light, shadow and colour, on fine printed products has become a comman problem for the top photographers. Artron Graphic Arts and Artron’s internet products developed to be integrated solutions for the photography industry to strongly support the photographers during the whole produre from creation, communication and transaction


Art Printing

Artron Graphic Arts combines high-tech equipment, original color system and mature technician training system for high quality of the products. Based on the respective characteristics of photographers, Artron Art Printing is delicated to perfection of the form, color and temperament of the works on paper. Artron Graphic Arts became leader of the industry for its exquisite design and layout, excellent color management, superb decoration skills and the value of collection.  Furthermore, Atron has developed various kinds of internet products, such as Artron.Net, Art Express(app), Art Exhibitions, Auction Catalogues, AMMA, which solidly support the photographors to do mass communication and maximum business value of the works.


Book Planning

Atron has been committed to providing planning services for photography books. Services include providing photographers with image data collection, image grooming, text editing and others, completing the entire process of photography book planning to printing. After the book was printed, Artron Art Books has established a comprehensive marketing network for sales and dissemination.

When a photographer have an idea to make an album, Artron can provide a true sense of one-stop service and reach target audience for the creators. Unlike other printing service providers, the Art Centre of Artron owning its Art Centre covering the 3 first-tier cities in China, Beijin, Shanghai and Shenzhen, The Art Centre is the ideal venue of photographic exhibitions, events, lectures and book launches for photographers

In addition, Artron also has an online and offline customized platform, and its sub-brands,, to provide single pages, albums, frame paintings, posters, art books and other products to meet the diverse and personalized printing needs of photographers.