Museums Industry

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The cultural institution is a social organization that collects, displays and studies natural and human cultural heritage. It classifies articles with scientific, historical or artistic value, and has functions of collection, display, education, research, service, etc. They take important role in public cultural services. Artron uses data and digital technology to provide services to cultural institutions and promote the development of Wenbo. Artron and the cultural institution have the same mission and vision in exploring the possibilities of digital means in mass communication, big data application and traditional activation.

Art Printing

The academic research conducted by the cultural institute on its subdivisions or collections, through planning, publishing, and dissemination in the form of books or printed materials, is the content basis for the aesthetic education of the public. Artron works closely with Wenbo Art Institute to have deep insight and understanding of the industry. Its high-quality art printing service can accurately capture the characteristics of the cultural relics or collections, colors, textures, styles, etc., and display them in paper or digital communication channels through printing or digitization, which is highly compatible with the quality, rigor and authority of cultural and institutional publications. Demand.


Digitization Services

In addition to publishing and printing, Artron' s digital solutions are dedicated to enhancing the interactive experience of the audience and attract new audiences: digital collection services, providing a data foundation for business and audience services of the institute; intelligent navigation system, a lightweight mobile navigation service application, can be build up based on the data foundation.

Dataization also removes the “space” restrictions for cultural institutions, allowing viewers to connect with institutions through the Internet and digital channels no matter where or when they are. Through technology, Artron creates a digital virtual exhibition hall for cultural and educational institutions, and realizes the virtual exhibition experience for the public through VR/AR content and equipment. Through the means of data, the information management system of the cultural institution can be constructed. The system can not only manage the resources in the library's information database, but also provide users with browsing, retrieval, downloading and management functions to support exhibition management and collection physical asset management business;

Aiming at the core digital assets of cultural institute, Artron provides data encryption, backup, and remote disaster recovery backup services, and is committed to becoming the personal digital steward of the splendid civilization of mankind.