Printing Services

    Artron has offered printing service for nearly 30 years and developed to take the leading role in the printing industry. When people mentioned Artron Printing, it would be known for its exquisite design and appealing layout, excellent color management, and outstanding finishing. Over the years of development, Artron became the drivers of high-quality printing services and provided one-stop customized printing service for the customers in the fields of art, photography, design, auction and publishing.
    Printing is a systematic project to bring of all the details, specially colors and design vividly back on the paper. It requires all aspects of printing procedure are stable and under control. Through demand, color, lean production and global supply chain management system, Artron systematically and standardized the whole production a line and fully automate production and operation. Through systematic management, the various processes of the printing team are seamlessly connected, so that the quality of the products and samples are consistent during the mass production process.

Lean production

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As paper is the most important raw material in printing. The characteristics of paper determine that the printing process must have a constant temperature control management.

The humidity also affects the flexibility of the paper fibers. It means that in different humidity, the capacity of ink and water absorption is different. After testing, at 55% RH paper fiber performs best . Therefore, Artron control the RH at 55% in the printing plant .

The temperature also affects the printing effect. Ink varnish is more sensitive to temperature than paper. Of course this also includes equipment factors. Temperature extremes will affect the chemical stability of the ink varnish. Thus it will affect the printing color. In the fully enclosed printing plant in Artron, the temperature is constanted at 22 ° C – 26 ° C , which is the best temperature range for ink stability .

In the color inspection , Artron uses the ISO standard D50 light to unify the color correction environment. Colorimeter, chromathermograph, color difference detector will also be use in color inspection and input all those data.

Continuous optimization of raw materials and processes not only improves the quality and efficiency of Artron’s printing production, but also greatly reduces the impact on the environment.