Printing Services

    Artron has offered printing service for nearly 30 years and developed to take the leading role in the printing industry. When people mentioned Artron Printing, it would be known for its exquisite design and appealing layout, excellent color management, and outstanding finishing. Over the years of development, Artron became the drivers of high-quality printing services and provided one-stop customized printing service for the customers in the fields of art, photography, design, auction and publishing.
    Printing is a systematic project to bring of all the details, specially colors and design vividly back on the paper. It requires all aspects of printing procedure are stable and under control. Through demand, color, lean production and global supply chain management system, Artron systematically and standardized the whole production a line and fully automate production and operation. Through systematic management, the various processes of the printing team are seamlessly connected, so that the quality of the products and samples are consistent during the mass production process.

Technical Specifications

  • A-
  • A+

ISO standard printing material and printing technic can satisfy normal printing requirement. Upon that, to get a high qualified prints, Artron improved ink formula, equimentsetting, optimized printing process and then invented 2 sets of color management system and 1 set of varnishing technology. 


CHROMA centric – Colors have emotions

CHROMA centric is color management system. It was realized by improving ink formula, adjusting equipment parameters. The color of CHROMA centric printed works is brighter, more pleintiful, closer to the colors in nature. That is to say more natural.

  • Improve ink formula,  printing gamut is 25% larger than normal one

     CHROMA centric improved ink formula, expanded CMYK color gamut, which is 25% larger than normal printing, then to acieve a high density printing.

  • High -precision printing

8 times finer than ISO printing


High-definition printing greatly enhances the texture, realistic display.

  • Intelligent data control process
  • Printing density increased 30%
  • Accurate to 1% dot control

The image data is transmitted without loss, and the tone of the printed image is completely restored.


SEPIANA showing - colorful black and white

SEPIANA showing technology for black and white printing , more applications in photography print production. By improving the color management functions such as prepress color adjustment, the control of black and white image cooling and warming is increased, and the level of black and white tone is enriched , thereby increasing the richness of black and white tone and level.

  • No variegated ink formula, more pure and more distinct;
  • Expected difference management, pre-press color presentation is more accurate;
  • Guarantee the integrity and stability of color reproduction, and the image level is more abundant.  


ArtCharm-Let the works have a fragrant and scented works

    The ink scent we often say is not really a fragrance, but the chemical odor of conventional inks, and the real taste is even a bit stinky.

  • Spice and ink formula, let the prints scent and scent ;
  • The scented sachet is sealed for long-lasting preservation ; 
  • Customize the fragrance and continue the brand sensory experience on paper.


Offset Printing

    Artron Graphic Arts uses Germany Heidelberg printing machine and Japan Komori printing machine . Their excellent processing performance and high-precision printing quality provide a good foundation for Yachang Printing.

Digital Printing

    Artron Digital Printing uses the world's most advanced digital printing presses Indigo series and KOMORI series equipment to broaden the printing range and provide important guarantee for the production of large-size printed products. Digital printing equipment also increases the diversity of printing materials, so that it can not be used for printing. The produced crepe paper can be used in batch printing production, providing the possibility of artistic level color performance. For example, let the same kind of red show more than 100 kinds of performance possibilities, and the black that can't reach the five fingers can also show colorful expression.