High-end commercials

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The uniqueness of art has given new vitality and charm to brands and products. The cross-over cooperation between brands and art has been certified as an effective way to build-up brands’ reputation and position the products. The brand can get new perspectives from the art, conveys values ​​and aesthetics spirit through art cooperation. Cooperated with art can quickly enhance the brand's reputation and understanding, and resonate with users, increasing the user's loyalty to the brand and products.

Artron takes art digitized and IT technology as the means to provide artists with artistic services throughout the industry chain. Over the past 26 years, it has served more than 94,000 artists, 796 museums, 988 art galleries, 1108 publishing houses, 5168 galleries,  984 art auction companies, and 80 million collectors worldwide, accumulating quality art resources and industry experience. The accumulation of artists and art projects in Artron can become a trusted partner for high-end commercial brands from planning, marketing and execution. Tailoring products for all communication needs, Artron can explore cross-border business in art derivatives with brands. More possibilities in development and consumption to achieve an overall increase in brand value and effectiveness.


Art Printing

Art Printing combines high-tech equipment, original color system and mature technician training system. Due to its reputation for quality and deep understanding of the art industry, Artron can provide creative planning and production for brands and high-end businesses. In response to the characteristics of the brand, Artron Printing strives to perfect the shape, color and temperament of the product on paper, and to show the product personality. Artron Art Printing represents the exquisite design and layout in the industry, excellent color management, exquisite finishing skills and the value of collection. Artron Graphic Arts is an important player and leader in art and communication, and creates value for brand promotion. Artron deeply understands and firmly believes in the value and importance of books and other products in the popularization and dissemination of art. High-quality graphic arts is an important part of popular art and aesthetic education.


Art Communicatin Platform

Artron Art Network has become the authoritative portal website for Chinese art, fully meet the needs of the majority of art lovers to get art news, visit exhibitions, check data, make transactions, etc., build a bridge between art professional content creators and art lovers. Artron actively develops its own resources in the field of art, develops Art Express APP, art exhibitions, auction catalogues; cooperates with artists and art institutions around the world to create art education centers, mobile art galleries and Artup.com; these communication and dissemination platforms and authoritative portals have accumulated the largest number of art lovers in China, creating a high-quality communication platform for the brand.