Art Industry

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Guided by the concept of “serving the people's art”, Artron is committed to integrating resources and providing art creators with comprehensive solutions for the entire industry chain. Focusing on art data, it is oriented to two major scenes of ‘art communication’ and ‘art trade’. Products and services cover art creation, art communication, art trading and collection, and art popularization, the whole industry chain. Artron’s integrated service is to escort the artists all the way to communicate and trade the words to mass art market.

Art Printing

Artron Graphic Arts combines high-tech equipment, original color system and mature technician training system. Due to its reputation for quality in the industry and deep understanding of the art industry, “Art” has become a unique label for Artron Printing. In response to the characteristics of artists and works of art, Artron Printing strives to perfect the form, color and temperament of the works on paper, and to show the personality of the works. Artron Art Printing represents the exquisite design and layout, excellent color management, exquisite decoration skills and value of collection in the industry. Through the integration and dissemination of various resources of Artron, the artists and works of art can be known by the target audience

Art data basic service

    ‘ART+’ is a digital asset management tool created by the Artron Culture Group for artists. The key of this system lies in the digitization and application of artworks based on propagation and transaction scenarios. The system is aiming to solving the daily creative management, promotion and value enhancement of the artist, helping the artist to achieve The inheritance and protection of artistic creation results.

Art data asset management 

Artron actively develops its own resources in the field of service art, develops Art Express(app), Art Exhibitions, Auction Catalogues, AMMA, and artist information management system. Fully meet the needs of the majority of art lovers to get fresh news, trade, and get access to updated data, and build a bridge between art communicators and art lovers. Artron has also created the Chinese Art Database as a platform. On the database platform, it has established scientific and complete classification standards for art data and realized efficient management of art information collection, processing and storage. It not only makes high-precision pictures truly present the essence of the original, but also ensures the artist. The classic masterpieces of the creation have been eternal and long-lasting.