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A World leading art printing leader—since its founding in 1993, Artron has been committed to fine art printing as artists engaging in art creation to inject artists aesthetics and creativity into prints and present prints’ elegance artistically. By forging strategic partnerships with world-class technology and materials suppliers, we have created a set of technology and management systems up to art printing standards. Over the past two decades, we have produced over 60,000 titles of 300 million books, provided quality printing services to art and business customers including over 70,000 artists and collectors, over 600 auction companies, over 200 museums, over 1,000 art institutions , over 500 publishing houses as well as business and art brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chanel. Our services cover art fields such as artwork auction, fine art, museum and photography as well as high-end business fields such as luxury, automobile, IT, architecture and finance.

Art Printing

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Art Printing

Bearing “craftsmanship” spirit; independently develop Sepiana Showing and Chroma Centric technologies; providing world-class printing services of leading quality.




Chroma Centric: an epoch- making technology successfully developed by Artron through five years of efforts on the basis of its over two decades of printing experience and modern science and technology, is based on true colors of nature and enormously increases the scope of color gamut representation to present the richest, brightest and the most vivid colors, setting off a technological revolution in printing color management in the industry.


Sepiana Showing: As Artron’s independently developed black-white image printing technology, Sepiana  showing has become a subversive printing technology in black-white printing field, not only perfecting color management including prepress toning but also controlling cold and warm printing for black and gray images. Compared to traditional black and white printing technology, Sepiana Showing has advantages such as more accurate color preview, pure black and white colors, rich image depths and more stable printing quality.