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Hand in hand with more than 3,000 artists, Artron has made use of multiple technologies and integrated various resources to tailor an encyclopedia-like “Art + comprehensive services” to artists’ needs. Through Artron’s “Art + comprehensive services”, artists’ original works, literature and relevant art achievements are stored and managed in a digital way to provide comprehensive customized services of literature publication, exhibition planning and communication and promotion for artists, and enhance art inheritance and values in diversified forms.

China Artworks Authentication Filing

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China Artwork Authentication Filing:Traceable and query “ID card” information

China Artwork Authentication Filing is a comprehensive artwork authentication management service for the purpose of artwork authentication and filing in the art market. Starting from the origin of artwork, the service carries out such measures as artwork authentication, high-definition image acquisition, artwork DNA data extraction, data storage filing, copyright registration filing and filing database inquiry so as to produce a unique, authoritative, traceable and query “ID card” information, and provide strong guarantee for the sound and orderly development of China’s artwork market.