Artron Books, integrating the publishing resources in and out China, now builds the Artron Art Centre based on the art book and advanced mobile internet technologies. With the innovation of IT system and online/offline experience, Artron Books recommends precisely the worldwide featured art books to the customers. Artron Books bring art to everyone’s life by providing art education program, also collection, research, decoration, and gift idea of art books.

Art Bookshop

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Artron Bookstore provides customers the high level art books as well as IT reading experience. From 2012, Artron started to build up a powerful nationwide book sales network. In 2012 and in April 2014, two experimental bookstores in Guangdong Museum of Art (Guangzhou)and Dingyi House (Shanghai) have been officially opened. With 3 Artron Art Centres, artron book selling systems will form a 3+N network and cover main Chinese cities. By establishing close partnerships with various art organizations,art education circles, art collectors, curators, and wealthy art amateurs, Artron Books sales team are able to provide exclusive personalized art books sales service for the art books customers, which could realize the maximum output value of the international and national art books.           


Artron Bookstore in Guangdong Art Museum

In 2012, Artron bookstore in Guangdong Art Museum has been established as an experiment. The area is 70 ㎡. The bookstore collects 2,500 types, 5,000 titles of art books which imported art books occupy 10%, and art products 3-5%. This bookstore aims to serve local art lovers to buy top art books and to enjoy the high quality of art service.



Artron bookstore in Dingyi House

Dingyi house has been accomplished in 2014. The outstanding red exteriors were designed by Mr. Ding YI, artist of abstract art. Dingyi house was conceived by Artron Books and it intends to be an unique experience bookstore in Shanghai. Dingyi House provides high-level VIP service including one-to-one book consultation, IT experience, cafe and book delivery service. In Dingyi House, readers could explore the amazing art books by not going abroad.