Digital Publishing

Artron Digital is an important section of Artron Group, relies on Artron’s twenty-year accumulation in the art and publishing industry , combines of traditional publishing and mobile Internet , provides mobile applications and solutions to the publishers , museums and cultural artists.

Digital Museum / Exhibition APP

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Artron’s Apps of digital museum , digital exhibitions provide one-stop integrated service including data collection , data processing , technology development , application delivery and optimization to kinds of museums, galleries and art academies .To help the culture organizations expand their social education function , historic and culture communication , to facilitate the public getting humanity knowledge and promoting the taste of art.

  • Digital exhibition, record the off-line exhibition by App
  • 3D virtual exhibition hall, visit exhibitions in 720°,artworks in 3D
  • Mobile official App, to provide a mobile spreading and service platform 
  • Mini-exhibition, art exhibitions spread in WeChat