Auction Integrated Services

Artron working to become a leader in the art auction market, and auction companies and participating in the auction market of colleagues from all walks of life, to jointly promote the sustainable development of the Chinese art auction market.

Auction Data Processing

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1、Auction data processing
Restore true quality of auctioned articles with digital technology;World’s leading acquisition devices;China’s largest art data acquisition service center;

80 million-pixel high-end digital devices and professional middle-sized film cameras are used to produce high-precision photos.

Professional digital photography workshop is built with China’s top photographers to locate spotlights of works from professional art perspectives. The workshop is also able to provide door-to-door photography service as required to help clients save time and labor cost.


580-megapixel Cruse scanner is used to scan as the same size as the original.

2、Image and text processing and editing
Professional talents / technologies can help provide color solutions for auctioned articles
Unique ACMS color management system and image recovery technologies can help recover the true colors, which is suitable for high-end art printing.


Classified editing of data:Integrating philosophy of industrialization, process data of auctioned articles with high precision, speed and intensity in industrial technologies, lines and work stations;

Classify data of auctioned articles and edit retrieval fields in a professional manner for the purpose of database management and application;