Artists’ Integrated Services

Culture and art is the brand of the times, artists, art institutions in different periods of time to draw the mark of that time, so that the whole history of human history, the development of the track, a precious. Artron integrating their own resources, dedicated to providing comprehensive services for artists, art institutions, let the culture and art can be protect and inherit, realize the maximization of a vast number of artists and art institutions.

Art Printing Services

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1 Art printing services

Based on “one-stop” professional service, it integrates innovation and wisdom, satisfies your printing demands by providing all-round solutions including digital image acquisition, design and printing quality planning, image and text processing, printing, post-press processing and binding, and logistics.



2 Visual design of books

Artron’s strong visual design center will accompany you to do designs and innovations, trying to bring out the best of design philosophy and artwork connotations to each other, fully interpret the artwork essence through the elegant appearance so as to present perfect combination of the artwork content and form, and present its unique quality from inside.


3 High-emulation duplication of calligraphy and paintings

Protection precedes inheritance. Relying on rich experience and high-level color management standard in the field of art printing, Artron has continuously made huge investment leading the research and application of artwork high-emulation duplication technology, and successfully resolved technical problems of duplicating artworks on different media like canvases, silk scrolls and rice papers, and can provide you with high-emulation calligraphy & painting duplication displaying the verve of originals with advanced Giclee+ so as to inherit art.