Artists’ Integrated Services

Culture and art is the brand of the times, artists, art institutions in different periods of time to draw the mark of that time, so that the whole history of human history, the development of the track, a precious. Artron integrating their own resources, dedicated to providing comprehensive services for artists, art institutions, let the culture and art can be protect and inherit, realize the maximization of a vast number of artists and art institutions.

Digital Publishing Services

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1 Digital publishing services

To solve three-dimensional storage and secondary communication of various exhibitions well, we have turned images, audios and videos of all related exhibitions into an independent and complete APP and distribute on Apple’s App Store available for downloading. The index and instruction written in Chinese, Japanese and English languages facilitates its global promotion and downloading.


2 E-book operation

Publishing shall keep pace with the age. The e-book operation solutions provide integrated services to your paper-based book printing, e-publication preparation, communication and marketing so that you may accomplish integrated publishing more efficiently and conveniently. You may also use it to turn your published paper-based books into e-books and upload them to and Apple’s App Store for marketing with an aim of three-dimensional, one-stop integrated services.