Gallery Integrated Services

Each piece of art is a unique life. Artron respect each of the art life, science and technology and art of the perfect fusion, shaping, each piece of art is the unique charm of personality, the commercial value of the meaningful artistic value and Fengrun complement each other, let the populace approached art! Artron service team will be in order to meet the needs of every one of the galleries and art institutions formulated a full range of personalized services to the arts program, through to various products and services of different collocation, let each galleries and art institutions can enjoy corresponding personalized service. Artron hope with a sincere, thoughtful, close to the service with you hand in hand together to spread the, inheritance across time cultural and art, so that each distinct personality of art have their favorite destination!

Art Derivatives Services

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Artron has carried out art derivatives R&D and marketing jointly with galleries and art agencies. Art derivatives include various art prints, creatives and collections.

1、Artwork R&D and marketing: Committed to advocate “art • fashion • new life”, Artron Artworks takes “art + culture, art + fashion, art + space, art + life” as the main theme, persists the development road of “create culture and innovate technology” and strives to bring art into people’s daily life.


2、Value-added image products: Artron Image Art is China’s largest professional platform for art image frame paintings that Artron builds with great efforts. Through the platform, Artron has established close strategic copyright cooperation with outstanding photography artists, celebrities and photography fans both at home and abroad, and built an excellent database of authorized photos. Meanwhile, integrating Artron’s advanced digital printing / mounting technologies, processes and materials as well as German’s high-end professional frame technologies, it has turned image products into art, creation, object and daily life. In addition, through online and offline platforms, it has brought image art into people’s life quickly to satisfy their individualized consumption demands for image art products.

With paintings as the core and high-definition scanning as technical support, it has carried out R&D of peripheral product systems;

With album books as the core, it has developed a series of themed products including books, book artwork, posters, art commodities and IT to build a product system with high added values.