Gallery Integrated Services

Each piece of art is a unique life. Artron respect each of the art life, science and technology and art of the perfect fusion, shaping, each piece of art is the unique charm of personality, the commercial value of the meaningful artistic value and Fengrun complement each other, let the populace approached art! Artron service team will be in order to meet the needs of every one of the galleries and art institutions formulated a full range of personalized services to the arts program, through to various products and services of different collocation, let each galleries and art institutions can enjoy corresponding personalized service. Artron hope with a sincere, thoughtful, close to the service with you hand in hand together to spread the, inheritance across time cultural and art, so that each distinct personality of art have their favorite destination!

Digitalization Services

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Integrating photography, scanning and other information acquisition technologies, system development and other IT services, data center and other resources, Artron provides galleries and other art agencies with full-range services including data acquisition, storage management and applications.

1、Data acquisition: Upon its leading photography and scanning hardware and experience, Artron acquires information about works and space of galleries and other art agencies to build digital data including images, audios and videos.

Art assets are digitized to form digital assets available for protection and reuse;

Take photos for various works collected by art agencies including sketches, manuscripts, originals works and reversal films.

Scan original artworks, manuscripts and other objects by high-precision stereo scanner to form large-size duplication-level digital files;

High-precision SG8060, S3900 and FT5500 reversal film scanning devices can produce scanning with clear images, saturated colors and clear levels;

Professional image color engineers and Artron’s unique ACMS color management system are responsible to adjust the image colors after digitization to form standard duplication and publication-level digital files;

Professional editors and keyboarders are responsible to edit and input files about agency profile, news dynamics and media reports;

Professional audio-video transformation platforms are used to transform output formats of multimedia documents of art interviews, academic research and education seminars, and digitize images and texts of various art achievements.

2、Data storage and digital asset management: Artron builds databases for galleries and other art agencies and digitizes images and texts for lasting storage; builds a set of digital asset management platform integrating storage management, maintenance update and retrieval; develops PC, PAD and mobile APP terminals.

3、Data application: Digitized assets of galleries and other art agencies can be conveniently and fully used in Internet, publishing and printing, exhibition, videos, anti-forgery, copyright protection, artwork duplication, derivatives development and artwork authentication; for online exhibition, digital publishing, Internet and other media communication so as to maximize the art and social values of artworks.

4、Mobile digital art museum APP

Digital exhibition: It carries out digital emulation exhibition of offline exhibited works including exhibition of all elements such as media reports, on-site situations and albums. Upon mobile terminals, the exhibitions can be kept forever and communicated and demonstrated to a wider range of people for the purpose of never-falling exhibition.

Mobile exhibition guide: Based on cultural relics exhibition and data, it provides visitors with better services by such mobile digital technologies as images, texts, audios and videos. The visitors may obtain such information about exhibition halls, venues, forecasts and news from the guide, and enjoy such services as mobile appointment booking and exhibition guide.

Mobile official website: Based on official websites of current cultural institutions at PC terminals and integrated with mobile terminals, it provides mobile Internet communication services and builds new media demonstration and public service platform for art agencies so as to fully enhance the influence of cultural institutions, make full use of their values and demonstrate and communicate culture and art towards a wider range of people around the world.